Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I still buy or get replacement parts for the Scoop High Chair

  • The Scoop high chair was one of our favourite products and a great success. So much so that even today, over 10 years since we stopped making them, people still regularlary ask about them and they are buying from previous owners. We are sad to say that this porduct is no longer produced and our supplies of any spare parts are no longer stocked. We hope you enjoyed your product and will take it to your local recycling centre when it reaches the end of its useful life.

  • Where can I purchase Brother Max baby products?

  • The list as mentioned below is continuously growing, Stores include:
    • Kidly • Tescos Direct • Toysrus & Babiesrus • George ASDA • Boots • Mothercare • • JoJo Maman Bèbè • Argos • John Lewis • Ocado • Kiddicare • Sainsburys • Morrisons.

  • Do your products pose a risk for my baby?

  • Brother Max’s baby products are completely safe, even for newborns: they are non-toxic, have been highly tested and are safe for your baby and you to use. Each product has been assessed thoroughly to ensure safety is maintained and all are BPA and mercury free.

  • What is BPA?

  • Bisphenol A (BPA) is one of the 50 most-produced chemicals in the world. It is used in the manufacture of numerous household articles, from plastic water jugs to take-out containers.

  • How do I clean a soother?

  • Wash the soother in warm soapy water and rinse in clean water or in the dishwasher, top shelf only. Please don’t use solvents or harsh chemicals come in contact with the pacifiers. Do not sterilise for too long or you may weaken the teat. Please ensure it is completely dry prior to storing your product. Please also ensure to keep them cleaned after each use.

  • Why does my Bath and room Temperature thermometer not have a proper coin slot to open the battery case?

  • The back of the Ray/Whale was originally designed for a coin to slot in and open to remove the battery, although was reworked during a batch production. The design of Ray has now reverted to feature the coin slot, however this new change only affects units being produced in our factories now, and it will be some time before they are widely available.

  • How do I turn my bath and room thermometer on?

  • It has a 'Tap me' feature, so just tap the front of the device and it should turn on moments after.

  • How do I clean my thermometer probe?

  • We do on some occasions receive feedback from customers that they are experiencing difficulties with the readings, and in most cases it is quite commonly the case where the lens has attracted dirt and simply needs to be cleaned. Begin by taking out the battery then try boiling the kettle, hold the lens over the steam for a couple of seconds and then clear with a cotton bud as this will remove any earwax, cosmetics, oil or dust that may be causing inaccurate readings. Please allow 30 minutes or so before checking the temperature as you don’t want the heat from the steam to give you an inaccurate reading. Please ensure to take the batteries out prior to completing the above probe cleaning.

  • What if my forehead mode is reading different to the ear mode in the 2-in-1 and or 3-in-1 Thermometer?

  • It’s not uncommon to obtain different temperature between ear and forehead as ear readings reflect internal temperature whilst forehead is external, furthermore forehead will be affected by environmental factors. Please always ensure you test on the same ear as there may be a small variance between the two.

  • Where can I find instruction manuals for products?

  • A: If you are unable to find it on the website in the individual 'product page' sections or the ‘help’ section, email us through at with what instruction manual you are after and we will email you back with it attached.

  • How accurate are the readings from the thermometers?

  • The readings are accurate to within +/-0.2°C for temperatures from 36°C to 39°C and +/-0.3°C for temperatures from 34°C to 35.9°C, and 39.1°C to 42.5°C.

    The Bath & Room thermometers are to the nearest +/- 1°C

  • What is a normal temperature for a child?

  • The NHS recommend that a normal temperature in children is about 36.4°C (97.5°F) but this does differ slightly from child to child. A fever is usually considered to be a temperature over 37.5°C (99.5°F).

  • Can I change the temperature of the 6-in-1 thermometer to measure in Fahrenheit?

  • Yes; when the thermometer is off, aim it at a flat surface and press and hold the MEM button for 8 seconds. Keep it held until the letter ‘F’ appears.

  • Is shining the 6-in-1 and non-contact thermometers light in yours/your baby’s eyes dangerous?

  • Whilst we would not advise the thermometer is used in this way, accidentally shining the light in eyes will not cause any harm.

  • What age are your thermometers suitable from?

  • The thermometers are suitable for anyone: from newborns to adults.

  • What batteries does the 6-in-1 thermometer take?

  • 4 x AAA

  • Can I add or remove stored temperatures from the 6-in-1 thermometer's memory?

  • The thermometer will automatically record and store the last 9 temperatures measured for your convenience.

  • Can I use the 6-in-1 thermometer to measure my baby's temperature outside?

  • Yes, as long as the thermometer is calibrated first. Please refer to the 6-in-1 Thermometer product page on how to calibrate it.

  • How do I clean the 6-in-1 thermometer?

  • The lens should not need cleaning, as it is non-contact. The thermometer itself is wipe-clean only. No chemicals allowed to be used to wipe it clean.

  • Can I use rechargeable batteries for your thermometers?

  • Unfortunately, the Brother Max thermometers are not suitable for use with rechargeable batteries. We recommend any AA, AAA or coin battery for the appropriate thermometer, just not rechargeable ones.

  • How will I know when the batteries need replacing on my thermometer

  • If they are low and need replacing, when you try to take a temperature, the reading will flash ‘bAt’. please see individual product information sheet from the product page

  • What is your returns policy and or manufacturing warranty?

  • Our Returns policy entails that we only provide a product replacement return. It can only be valid if there is a manufacturing fault proved on our end with your product and if you have a valid receipt (Showing: date, time, store, product and price) within 1 year for every Brother Max product. To see if your item is valid for warranty, please email us at family and include the following:

    Must show proof of purchase or your warranty is voided (Physical itemized receipt showing store, date, time, year and product)
    Must show us images of the fault and product
    Must describe the issue in detail
    Must include your full address and name

  • How long does my warranty last for my Brother Max product?

  • Your warranty will last for 1 year from purchase with a valid receipt only. This warranty is only valid when and if it can be proved that there is a manufacturing fault with your product from our Quality assurance team. We will also need the customers proof of purchase to validate the 1 year warranty. Proof of purchase must show store, date, time, product, price and be within 1 year of purchase to validate the manufacturing warranty on your Brother Max products. If this is not available and/or proof of purchase is outside of the 1 year, the manufacturing warranty is then invalid, meaning the customer has automatically voided their 1-year manufacturing warranty provided by Brother Max or it has expired. The next steps would be to pay for a spare part or replacement for your product.

  • Can I get my money back from you if the item is faulty?

  • Unfortunately, as your legally binding contract is with the store you purchased the product, if you deem there is something wrong and would prefer your money back instead us looking into the problem, please return to the store of purchase. If it is still within the 1-year manufacturing warranty that Brother Max provide and you are able to prove this with a physical itemized receipt for any and all Brother Max products, we can look into your products faults and ensure to reach an outcome. If any of the Brother Max products are tampered with, opened, changed batteries or any other form, this automatically voids the manufacturing warranty available. If it is outside of the 1 year of purchase or you do not have proof of purchase, there will be a slight charge for a replacement part of product.

  • Where can you contact us?

  • Send an email through to, and we will be in touch within *15 working days. At busier times it may take up to 20 working days for an emailed or phoned response and during Easter, Christmas and New Year up to 25 working days for an emailed or phoned response (working days do not include weekends or public holidays relating to the UK or anytime the office is closed over Easter, Christmas and New Year).

    If you are wanting to email through a complaint, please ensure to attach all of the below or we will be unable to validate your 1-year manufacturing warranty with us for any Brother Max product;

    Itemized proof of purchase (physical receipt)
    Image of the product and or issued area
    Description of your issue
    Your full name and address
    Store of purchase and date
    * Please ensure to check your junk inbox for any message responses up to 15 working days(This begins from the next working day after you have emailed us through). Public holidays are excluded from working day as are weekends. During busier periods, such as Easter, Christmas and New years, it will take up to 25 working days for an emailed response (not including the following days we are already closed: Easter long weekend and 1.5 weeks over Christmas and New Years) and any other days we are closed and or public holidays prior or in the New Year.
    NOTE: Please do not post us your faulty items without emailing first and it being approved to do so as we will not accept it and or send it back to you at the cost to yourself.

  • What are your office hours?

  • Our office hours are:

    Monday: 9am - 5pm
    Tuesday: 9am - 5pm
    Wednesday: 9am - 5pm
    Thursday: 9am - 5pm
    Friday: 9am - 2:30pm
    Saturday: CLOSED
    Sunday: CLOSED
    UK Public Holidays: CLOSED
    Easter Long weekend: CLOSED (tbc)
    Christmas & New year: CLOSED for 1.5 weeks over that time(tbc)
    You will receive a response between these hours via email or phone. If you call us, we will always need you to also email us through to ensure everything is documented correctly. The hours and days above are only valid when we are not closed and not over a public holiday. Days and times can change without notice. Please ensure to add our email ( to your inbox for a response within *15 working days. Sometimes our emailed responses can end up in your Junk inbox, so please ensure to check there within 15 working days

    NOTE: *It may take up to 25 working days depending on how busy we are and if public holidays are near or if we are off over Easter, Christmas and New Year.