About our Intellectual Property

The Brother Max brand, the Brother Max range of products and all trade dress, packaging, marketing, website and advertising materials related thereto are subject to intellectual property rights owned by Brother Max. These intellectual property rights include trade marks, patents, rights in designs, copyrights and domain names. Specific, non-limiting descriptions of the intellectual property rights are provided below.

Brand – Trade Marks

Brother Max, the Brother Max logo, Simple Clever Ideas, Scoop, Inspired by Family, Weaning to Training, Sketch and Shake Rattle Rinse are registered and/or unregistered trade marks of Brother Max.

All trade dress, packaging, marketing, website and advertising materials associated with the Brother Max brand are additionally subject to copyrights and/or rights in designs.

Product Range - Patents and Designs

The Brother Max range of products are subject to patents and/or rights in designs, which rights in designs may be registered or unregistered.

Patent rights in the United Kingdom for particular products in the Brother Max range are somewhat listed below for the purposes of ‘webmarking’:

Weaning Pots GB2441378, GB2449450, EP2054310, EP2256052

Milk Powder Dispenser GB2450105, EP2156146

Weaning Bowl GB2452940, GB2485076, EP2190323

Trainer Cup GB2449473, EP2148596

2 Drinks in 1 Bottle GB2501389

3-in-1 Thermometer GB2512813

Carry & Hang Nightlight GB2481288

Catch & Fold Bibs GB2440900, GB2450106

Scoop Highchair GB2450695, GB2484567, EP2162035 (exclusive licence from Seymour-Powell Limited)

International patents pending...